Sunday, December 19, 2010


I started studying for the CPA exam on November 29th. I'm using the Becker Review course materials, and the self study plan (as compared to classroom or online class). If I stick to my current plan ( and pass all four parts on the first try, I will be finished on 8/22/2011. So, realistically, I would just like to be finished anytime before 2012. After passing the first section, I have a rolling 18 month window to pass the other 3 or I lose credit.

I started with FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting) which contains the most study material, and is supposed to be the toughest section to pass. After conquering that (hopefully - passing grade is a 75%) I will move on to REG (Regulation), then AUD (Audit), and finally BEC (Business Environment and Concepts.

The first week was ok, but now I'm several weeks in and I am already feeling discouraged - mostly because it looks like a mountain in front of me, and I've basically taken 2 steps. I've questioned why I am even putting myself through this, and I cleaned my apartment spotless just to procrastinate studying - I even ironed. The other day, I spent 20 minutes online reading articles about procrastination (yes, I was procrastinating). By golly, what do you think I am doing right now??

This is one of my Becker instructors (Peter Onlinto) giving a pep talk. HAH

As this endeavor progresses, I'm hoping I'll get into a study groove and just accept it as what I am choosing to do in life right now. Right at this very minute, though, I need another pep talk and something to look forward to.

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