Tuesday, July 6, 2010


An update on life is in order.

I did get a rabbit (see post below), and I’ll share a funny story. I bought cute matching ceramic bowls for his food and water, thinking it would make his cage look nicer. Unfortunately…rabbits don’t care much about aesthetics. He thought they were fun to tip over, and he had a ball knocking them over and scooting them around. I’ve resorted to a water dispenser, and an old cottage cheese container, which is pinned in a corner with two twisty ties. As soon as I set the new food bowl in his cage, and before I had even touched the twisty ties, he had the whole thing upside down, with food all over the floor inside and outside the cage. I was like, “you have got to be kidding, Woodrow” but he just looked up at me with his cute bunny ears, and little brown eyes.

Now that I have prevailed, at least for now, in the war against dumping the vita vittles, I will write about something else.


I'm currently watching Woodrow take a nap (do rabbits ever shut their eyes?) in his litter box. Whatever, do what you want Woods’, it’s your decision where you want to catch some Zzs. I think that was my cue to stop with the blogging and go to sleep. Goodnight then.