Friday, April 9, 2010

desktop background

I'm one of those people who changes my desktop background all the time. Here is the latest, just as a little memory for those who miss reading about my adventures in Hong Kong, and because it is a wicked awesome picture. yes, I just said that.

Jordan Hart -I am now talking directly to you - did someone take an infrared photo, you think? Or, is this the result of the shutter being open for a long time at night, and the city lights are glowing on the mountain...and someone enhanced the colors?


jordan hart said...

It looks like the photo is using HDR (high dynamic range). It sandwiches layers of different photos together pulling out the pixels the photographer wants, often oversaturating the colors in the process.

Whitney said...

OIC, cool...thanks!!

Ron Hart said...

Wow, didn't think I might now eh?
I did like the "Jordan Hart I'm talking directly to you part..."

Whitney said...

JH got selected b/c he took an infrared class & that is what I thought this pic was. :)